Theatre Gym Membership Available, Theatre Gym

  • London
  • combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, theatre
  • Tal Jacubowiczova


Need more creativity in your life? Want to learn new things every week? Want to play with new friends? Want to do all this in lockdown time?

You can now sign up for a membership and take an acting class every Wednesday.

Lockdown prices:

A one-off class £19

Theatre Gym Membership

£13 a week

After lockdown, the prices might change but if you get your membership during lockdown we will lock down your price and it will stay £13.

Here are some of our upcoming classes:

29th Jul - Hip-Hop Inspired Theatre

In this workshop, you will discover some great tricks and moves (popping, robot, waving) and get a chance to put this into practice and get creative with characters & props.

1st Aug - Sketch Comedy Writing

In this workshop, we will look at different comedy sketches and how they are structured.

5th Aug - Exploring Stanislavsky

Get to know Stanislavsky’s system in a fun way. We will explore many of his rehearsal techniques and then apply them to some exciting modern texts.

8th Aug - Accents

Different roles will need different accents. In this workshop, you will discover the secrets of nailing some key sounds of different accents.

Check our website for more details and to register :