Online Exhibition - Person and the Otherness of Nature, PRAGMATA Collective

  • London
  • crafts, combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, museums, visual arts, Other, exhibition
  • adele lazzeri


Person and the Otherness of Nature is a space to think about what we are in relation to artworks, different environments, and the Earth:

In the artwork the subject is neither the observer nor the creator nor absolute
spirit, but rather spirit bound up with, performed and mediated by the object
(Adorno, Aesthetic Theory)

Fifteen artworks that sit together, each housed inside a virtual cube, offering multiple artistic reflections in various media including video, painting, performance, collage and photography.

Curated by PRAGMATA collective, who also show work, this exhibition came about as an open call to explore the potential for creating new networks and connections between disparate practices in response to the urgent condition of ourselves to nature. 

Visit our show and leave a comment or question on the live chat for the artists or other visitors!

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