Shadow Theatre for One (Online), Little Angel Theatre


Monday evenings, 6.30 – 8.30pm
Mon 24 August to Mon 28 September

Design and create your own miniature, magical theatre experience for one viewer at a time.

The shadow box theatres transport viewers into a tiny, illuminated wonderland, a handmade cinematic experience, unique and memorable to all who experience them.

On this course you will make a portable shadow theatre, housed inside a box, complete with a small viewing hole for one audience member per show. Judith will guide you through the processes and techniques needed to create the shadow theatre and a cast of shadow puppets and backdrops, using different methods and materials to create beautiful, atmospheric, small-scale theatre.

Perfect for busking and street theatre, festivals, education and healthcare settings or your own front room.

There is no need for the shadow shows to be performed in darkened venues. The shows can be performed anywhere, even in bright daylight.

Please note that the focus will be on simple and accessible shadow puppetry. We will not be exploring the more technical or scientific aspects of shadow puppetry.

The course will involve live demonstrations and tuition time as well as time for you to make your theatre and puppets in the class, with lots of opportunities to ask Judith questions and to interact with other participants.

Judith has provided a list of materials you will need for the course, with the focus largely on simple materials you can source easily or find around the home. You can view the materials list here.

This course is for adults, age 18+.

Cost: £100 per person