Brainstorming Session #3, Brighton Artists Network


Brighton Artists Network Brainstorming Session #3
How can we, as artists, support the recovery of our City?
Friday 7th of August
12 - 1 pm

Our Brainstorming Sessions are an opportunity for members to think creatively around any given social issue. It’s completely open ended and there is no pressure for ideas to develop into projects. There’s no need to prepare anything, just bring yourself. 

For this third session we will be discussing ways we, as artists, can support the recovery of our City post-lockdown. 

The arts are essential to community building and improving the wellbeing of residents. They are key to the economic recovery of the city. And they are the most creative and inventive of all sectors.

If you were to re-imagine our city for the better, what would it look like? What can we, as individual artists and collectively, do to make it happen? And what kind of support do we need to do it?

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