Open Online Theatre Training Programme for Performing Artists, IJAD

  • All of the UK
  • combined arts, dance, film, interdisciplinary arts, theatre, Other, Circus
  • Steph


Here at IJAD we have listened, we have learned, we are aware of the industry’s problems and we have solutions. Whether you are an independent artist or company, a venue or organisation, or an audience member, with Open Online Theatre (OOT) you can help evolve the future of performing arts. With a clear eye on sustainability, growth and artist support, IJAD hopes you will become part of OOT by making the most of our training programmes, live streaming platform and co-creation opportunities. · creating performances specifically for online audiences · creating Open Online Theatre a monetisation platform with channels allocated for each performing artist to be launched in the third week of August. Open Call information and link to forms to apply. #artists #Performingartists #monatisation #Future #Futureofperforming