Call-Out for short pieces of solo performance art, why this sky

  • London
  • interdisciplinary arts, music, theatre, visual arts
  • Lilith Wozniak


From the 26th February to 2nd March 2019 there will be 5 performances of Portents, a new play about conspiracy theories, at The Space. Around these performances we will be creating a programme of performance, focusing on experimental short works and music.

Each evening will follow this pattern:

1) An opening act - a short (~10 minute) piece of solo performance art by a different performer each night

2) The play (1 hour)

3) A short (~45 mins/1 hour) gig from a different experimental musician or musical group each night.


We are looking for 5 different short pieces of solo performance. We are particularly interested in works which are connected to the themes of Portents, but this isn't essential.

Themes include:
- Conspiracies
- Aliens
- Science Fiction
- Pop Culture
- Music
- The internet/Memes

We are currently awaiting a decision on ACE funding. If we are successful in our bid each opening act will be paid £100 plus travel. If we are unsuccessful we are operating on a profit-share basis - we are hoping each performer would get at least £30-50 and we would endeavour to still pay travel on top of this. In the case of a profit-share arrangement, budgets would be open and available to all performers. In the form below you can show whether you would be unable to perform if we did not secure the funding.

Due to the space and the arrangement there are some restrictions to what can be performed:
- Performances should require minimal tech.
- Performances must be able to be set up and cleared quickly.

Please apply using this Google form -


If you would like to apply in an alternate way, please contact us at

We are also looking for musical acts, if you are interested in applying to that please find the call-out and application form here -