Playwriting for Poets (a correspondence course) Jan 2020, Live Canon


Wednesday 15th January 2020 - Wednesday 8th April 2020

This course is designed for poets who want to experiment with writing for the theatre.

It will be taught by Dr Helen Eastman, the founding director of Live Canon, who has written theatre, opera and musical theatre globally, and is a guest lecturer in playwriting at the University of Westminster.

Each week there will be a course tutorial sent out, with course materials to read, audio to listen to and video to watch. There will be quick writing tasks to complete and a longer writing assignment. There will be written feedback on the assignment. There will be an online discussion group for those on the course for chatting with peers and giving each other feedback.

Twice, during the course, we will record some of your work with professional actors, so you can hear how it is starting to develop.

We created this course at the suggestion of several poets, who saw it as something unique Live Canon could offer, from its liminal position straddling theatre and poetry.

The course will cost £160 (£80 for students/unwaged).

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