Artist Commission: Cherryburn, National Trust


This is the fourth contemporary arts opportunity at Cherryburn, the birthplace of Thomas Bewick - artist, wood engraver and naturalist.

This is an opportunity for an artist looking to develop their practice in a unique and beautiful setting, through collaboration with local communities. The commission is a joint celebration of the centenary of the founding of the Society of Wood Engravers.

Project Key Aims: 

  1.  Telling the story in an accessible and innovative way that will draw out relevant parallels between
    the impact his illustrations and publications had on society in his day and our world today.

  2. To explore the place, landscape and conservation
    in the context of Cherryburn and the surrounding area through its natural and historical heritage.

  3. To ‘teach, move and inspire’ visitors through something unexpected that prompts new perspectives and understandings of Bewick, Cherryburn, National Trust and the Society of Wood Engravers

  4. To engage local audiences and young people not currently engaging with the arts or engaging a little with art practice and nature.

  5. To expose wood block engraving to a new audience.

  6. To provide a platform for contemporary wood engraving

For more information and the full artist brief: