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Arts Jobs and Arts News listings are created entirely by our users, to share news and opportunities that can help organisations to run effectively and deliver great art and culture.

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  1. you may print a copy of these terms and conditions of use, but please be aware that Arts Council England reserves the right to amend or change these at any time without notice

  2. in order to use the service you must submit your email address to Arts Council England. You are fully responsible for all postings that are received by subscribers to the mailing list submitted from your email account

  3. you confirm that you operate security procedures to prevent the unauthorised use of your email account and that you will to notify Arts Council England immediately of any unauthorised use of your email account  

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The Arts Council are currently reviewing accessability across our www.artscouncil.org.uk and and www.artsjobs.co.uk. You can read more about this here www.artscouncil.org.uk/accessibility

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Your use of the Arts Jobs website is subject to the following. You agree that:

  1. you will not post material that contains content which is harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, harassing, defamatory, offensive (racially, sexually or ethnically), promotes a political view or is otherwise objectionable
  2. you will not post or transmit chain letters, pyramid or money schemes
  3. you will not use you email account to impersonate any person; and/or 'spam' by posting frequent and/or annoying messages  
  4. material that you post must not contain links to 'browser bombs' (sites that open up multiple windows) or to sites that contain material that would fall within clause 1 above
  5. you will not post content, the display of which would infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party. In particular, you represent and warrant that the content of your posting is original and not copied from any third party
  6. you will not use postings to offer items or services for sale or place advertisements for goods, products or services of third parties
  7. if you breach any of the provisions set out in these terms and conditions Arts Council England may immediately terminate your use of the service
  8. Arts Council England reserves the right not to circulate any material that you post in its absolute discretion
  9. you consent to Arts Council England monitoring your posting prior to distribution.
  10. you consent to Arts Council England editing any posting it receives from you for the sole purpose of formatting to make it legible
  11. if your posting is for unpaid work, you warrant that you are not in breach of any relevant law from time to time in force including, but not limited to, the law relating to the national minimum wage, employment rights and equality/diversity. You agree that it is your responsibility to obtain proper legal advice regarding your obligations and responsibilities towards those whom your posting is aimed at
  12. Arts Council England reserves the right in its absolute discretion not to allow your advert to be posted on Arts Jobs if, in its reasonable opinion, the position is advertised in breach of national minimum wage legislation or any other relevant law. It is your responsibility to explain clearly in your advert why you believe the opportunity is not subject to the national minimum wage

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  1. the views and opinions expressed in the content are not those of Arts Council England and no endorsement is made by Arts Council England of accuracy or completeness of the content. You should not rely on the content
  2. when using the services, you may gain access to other websites through use of links or hypertext. You agree that Arts Council England is not responsible for the content or operation of such third party websites and that Arts Council England shall have no liability to you or any other person or entity for the use of such third party websites
  3. Arts Council England disclaims all liability to you arising out of your use of the Service 

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Governing law

These terms and conditions of use and your use of the services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the English Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in connection with all matters relating to these terms and conditions of use

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Data protection


Arts Council England is committed to protecting your privacy. The text below describes the ways in which we collect information from you when you use the service, and what we may use it for. It should be read in conjunction with the other terms and conditions of use and our data protection policy

Arts Council England is a registered charity (number 1036733). Our national office is located at 21 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3HF.

If you have any other questions about this policy you can write to us at our national office  web@artscouncil.org.uk

What data do we collect from you?

We collect data from you ('user data') when you register to use the service This data can sometimes comprise personal data about individuals, to which UK data protection laws apply. These terms and conditions and the data protection policy describe Arts Council England's approach to fulfilling its obligations under those data protection laws.

Our use of user data

We will use user data we collect from you only in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • to provide the service to you
  • to provide and improve the service to you, to notify you of any changes to the service or our terms and conditions of use
  • to send you information about our other products and services if you so wish
  • from time to time, Arts Council England, or third parties acting on Arts Council England's behalf, may wish to send you information about other services which we offer and believe you may be interested in. We may use user data for this purpose. If you decide now, or at any later time, that you do not wish to receive this information, please inform us by email at web@artscouncil.org.uk
  • Arts Council England may make user data available internally to other parts of the organisation, either for the fulfilment of Arts Council England services, or to enable them to provide you with information about products or services which they believe you may be interested in.

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