2 x British Pakistani Actresses, Spun


We are casting for a brand new play by Rabiah Hussain which will run at the Arcola Theatre from 27th June to 28th July 2018.

Spun at the Arcola Theatre

We are looking for 2 visibly British-Pakistani actresses to play richly drawn working-class characters. 

Playing Age: 20-25

Accent: London

Safa and Aisha, both aged 21, are best friends from East London forced to confront their identity as they enter the workplace for the first time. 

Movement/Dance experience welcome, but not essential. 

Paid: (UK Theatre, MRSL 3)


Rehearsals: 4 - 22 June

Shows: 27 June - 28 July

Casting to be held in May.

To express interest, please email producer Hannah Tookey at with a link to your Spotlight profile.