Open Call for Artists Skin Deep, WAVE Collective


WAVE Collective is taking submissions for the theme Skin Deep taking place at the gallery café, Carmel by the Green, from the 8th of June until the 31st of July. We are accepting entries until the 27th of May.

Please address all submissions and enquires to following our submission guidelines.

A body moves, it breathes, it lives: it is the physical embodiment of our minds – it operates autonomously – inhaling exhaling – keeping us alive while we scrutinize, admire, ignore, and abuse its form[…]

The body is a temple, the body is a gift and a curse: an extension of our minds and sometimes a contradiction to whom we believe ourselves to be. We create in our minds the image of who we are and that image is not always what or who looks back at us in the mirror – who’s body is that and have I always had that freckle there? And is that really what I look like and who I am? 

We poke and prod at our forms in front of mirrors pulling hairs from here, bursting pimples there, pulling at wrinkles, applying make up, pushing up or flattening down, showing off what we like and hiding what we don’t in order to create the foundations of the persona we wish to amplify.

We are told by external forces what our bodies should be but will never quite live up to – steroids, self-tanning, diets, cosmetics, make up, plastic surgery, dresses, heels, bikinis, shorts of the summer craze. Do you have a beach body? The madness of beauty and ugliness never stops.

The body takes on a multitude of forms with each one being intrinsically distinctive at its core and perhaps this is wherein lies the solution to our problem – where the body is confident, meditative, unique in each of its forms; something to be marveled at in all of its distinctions.