Content Writer, The Gallery Collectors


The Gallery Collectors is an online art gallery specialising in rare exhibition posters and contemporary editions from some of the worlds most famous artists.

The role of the content writer is to provide up to date discussions on the contemporary art world, from the latest exhibitions to major auction house news. We post once a week and would need articles roughly 500-1000 words each. Looking at the art historical discussions as well as contemporary discourse around the shows or works of art.

This role would be unpaid however the contributions would be publicised widely online to a viewership of over 1000 unique visitors a month (and growing). The role would suit an art history student or literature student looking for experience in publishing, research and content writing. 

To apply send us a CV and a short 200-word article about your favourite work of art and why.

The role would be based from whever you are! We are based in Bristol however we are happy to accommodate articles from across the UK!

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