Collaborative Producer, Hannah's Story


We are looking for a writer/producer to help us build a large 4 year project called LiVES as part of Hannah’s Story projects.

Hannah’s Story was set up to raise awareness of child abuse through the arts. At present, our projects include a large feature film in pre-production, a documentary, which is due to go public in the next month, a number of small and large charity events, and we have recently commissioned a new musical to be produced in 2020.

The idea of Hannah’s Story productions is to use the power of the arts, to raise awareness of child abuse to the masses.

LiVES will tell the story of 4 children/teenagers, who live separate lives, but all suffer with a sad, shared experience.

LiVES will follow their lives in real time, over the course of 4 years, from the start of their abuse, to the end. We see the emotional impacts it has, and the various occasions along the way where there could be missed chances to stop it.

The web series will consist of 1 short film airing once every 2 weeks, and will be shot in soap opera style, following the various characters stories along the way, with a focus on the 4 main story lines.

It is not currently set in stone how this project will play out, and we are now looking for a collaborative producer/head writer who will help us in establishing this new project. The right person will receive extensive support from our executive producers and artistic director.

We are looking for someone with experience in the short film field. We will pay £100.00 compensation initially and the right person will support our team in funding applications. On top of the fee, we will also pay all travel and food expenses when meetings are needed, and food/drink will be provided at these.

This is very much a collaboration and we look forward to hearing your ideas.