Stage Director (Freelance), Learning Through The Arts


As Theatre Director you'll coordinate all aspects of a theatre production, from the auditions to the live performances, handling any issues that may hinder the show.

You will have excellent people management skills and the ability to manage rehearsals, actors, stage managers, technicians, props and costume fittings, and liaise with front-of-house staff.

You'll have a good understanding of both the technical and artistic elements of a performance so you can ensure it is delivered exactly to requirements.


Coordinate all aspects, ranging from the scheduling of rehearsals, portrayal of characters and how scenes should be performed, to staging, lighting, sound and music.

Source all props, costumes, support with set and liaise with the production manager regarding costs

Supervise the 'get in' to the theatre, when the set, lighting and sound are installed, and the 'get out', when all the equipment is removed

Compile and operate prompt copy - also known as the 'prompt script' or 'the book', which notes actors' moves and cues, and the requirements for props, lighting and sound

Make alterations to the set between scene changes, prompt actors and cue technicians

Maintain knowledge of  health and safety legislation and good working practice

Run the backstage and onstage areas during performances


 A leadership style with a collaborative spirit – a 'connector.'

At minimum, a bachelor’s degree in theatre or related field is preferred.

A deep commitment to the performing arts, evidenced by prior roles in performing arts

 A fundamental belief in the transformative power of theatre to change peoples’ lives and communities.

2 Years or more working with young people in the Performing Arts sector

Your working hours will include evening and weekend work during the performance.

Salary: Dependent on experience.