Male and Female Performers, Collusion Cambridge Limited & Jo Lawrence


We are looking for performers be part of Jo Lawrence's Datacosm project, which will be part of Collusion's National Commissions showcase, exhibiting April next year in Cambridge:


'Datacosm is an animated multi-layered film which will be created to respond to Cambridge Consultants artificial intelligence project, 'The Aficionado', which can determine the genre of music input by a live pianist. Datacosm will be screened at a large scale for live performance. The narrative follows the consumption, corruption, and dissemination of data, and leads to one of four outcomes selected by A.I. Using the metaphor of a puppet theatre and puppeteers, Datacosm refers to role played by data programmers and their use of code to mediate between the 'real world', and the world of data in digital space. The code will run like subtitles in the final film.'


Production type - Film

Location - Cambridge

Salary - Paid

Dates - 31st August to 15th September - 3 actors for 4.5 days on week 1 and the first day of week 2, then 2 actors for the remaining 4 days of week 2.

Restrictions - Male and female performers needed

- Under 6 foot

- Aged 20 - 40

- Living in or near Cambridge desirable but NOT ESSENTIAL

- Experience puppeteering desirable but NOT ESSENTIAL - WE NEED NON PUPPETEERS TOO!


If you would like to be considered for a role, please email Alex at to register your interest and with any questions you might have!