Teacher, The Complete Works


 The Complete Works are developing its education department and is looking for Teachers to deliver innovative and creative teaching practices across London. TCW offers tailored learning to meet the needs of all our students. This is achieved in small groups or individual one-to-one education, which may take place in libraries, student homes or one of our centres. All staff must therefore be adaptable and resilient.

You will be managed by our Education Support Officer who will guide you and support you every step of the way. This will be a great opportunity to build your career whether you have QTS or experience working with young people and plenty of enthusiasm. This would be a great stepping-stone for someone to gain experience towards his or her PGCE. We have two methods of delivering our teaching and that is by Offsite and Onsite tuition. We primarily focus on the core subject by innovative ways e.g Scienc, English and Maths.

If you have the creative skills and have a passion for teaching then get in touch: