Designer, MK European City of Sport 2020, Milton Keynes Council


Designated as a ‘New Town’ in 1967, Milton Keynes is now the largest, and one of the most successful, ‘New Towns’ in the UK. With our population size currently at c265,000, and expected to grow to over 300,000 by 2026, Milton Keynes has become a very attractive, fast growing, place to live.

One of the key aspirations of MK Council is to enable Milton Keynes to be ‘A Healthy Place’- an active, vibrant place; empowering our people to live long, healthy and fulfilled lives; providing support for prevention, choice and empowerment. MK has a substantial sporting infrastructure with facilities, programmes and vast green space available within almost every estate in our modern grid square system design. Despite this, the city has unexpectedly high levels of inactivity and a disproportionate number of people living with long term health conditions and suffering huge health inequalities. In order to become a healthier, more vibrant, cultural place and promote a better quality of life for all our residents, the Council has committed to dedicate a year to: raising awareness of our existing sporting offer; create more opportunities to enable active communities; and continue to build civic pride through a yearlong celebration during the next Olympic year, by bidding for the ‘European City of Sport 2020’ award.

MK Council is seeking proposals from designers interested in creating the logo, visual identity, brand and bid artwork for the European City of Sport 2020 bidding process and beyond.

For more information and to request the brief, please email: leisure&

The deadline for submission of a quote is 12noon on Friday 1 March 2019.