Open Call for photography based projects, UnderExposed


About Open Call

-DRAFT KNOT WAKE- reflects the unity and support in the art world that we aim to foster. We invite artists to submit photography-based work around the theme of togetherness. In response to the current competitive art sector, we urge you to explore photographically an alternative that is driven by human relations.

Inspired by peculiar animal grouping names, our open call invites submissions from artists who see themselves to be under-represented in the art world. New or old work can be contextualised within the theme.

More information and submission requirements can be found on

Deadline for completed applications is the 25th of April at 10 am GMT. We hope to notify the artists on the location of their work by the 25th of May.

(All submitted images that meet the above requirements will be displayed in public spaces in various locations internationally (including London, Berlin and Nagoya). They will be displayed for as long as possible (local legalities permitting), photographed and documented on UnderExposed platforms.)

About UnderExposed

UnderExposed, founded in 2018, is an inclusive art platform based in Brighton, UK. We aim to showcase artwork in alternative spaces, exchange ideas and knowledge, and encourage collaboration. As a photography-based collective, we engage with any artist willing to share their practice. Aiming to strengthen community values by developing a network of artists that can support each other, UnderExposed is a community-driven intervention run by and for under-represented and emerging artists.