Assistant Director, Project Native Informant


Project Native Informant is looking for a full-time, highly organized new team member with a rigorous attention to detail. The new hire will be solely responsible for essential duties of the gallery and must possess an ability to work independently as much as in a small team.

Essential responsibilities include:

  1. artist and exhibition liaison: studio visits with the Owner and Director; close collaboration and supervision with artists, Owner and Director in sourcing materials and producing new art work; maintenance of budgets; installation, de-installation and management of gallery exhibitions, art fairs and external projects; documentation; post-exhibition follow-up “care”;
  2. management of the gallery’s shipping and storage: overseeing every facet of packing and transit including deriving quotations and close coordination and supervision with Director of all local, domestic, and international shipments and deliveries; quarterly inventory checks and harmonization of the database; general database entry;
  3. management of the artist archive, including the classification and reformatting of all photography and video;
  4. website maintenance;
  5. communication, including liaising with press and the general public;
  6. assisting the Owner on the financial management of the gallery, including preparing for VAT reporting;
  7. other duties to be determined.

PNI encourages candidates from all fields with a strong interest in contemporary art. We welcome all applicants with any educational or professional background but we do require certain unique, essential skills:

  • Self-motivated initiators with a minimum of two year experience working in small businesses/organizations;
  • Ability to be pre-emptive/responsive and work well within a small team;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Technical skills and experience in installation and managing exhibitions;
  • Expertise in Excel/Numbers, FilemakerPro-based database programs, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and SketchUp (or Cinema4D);
  • Ability to travel;
  • A good sense of humor.

Please send brief cover letter (250 words or less) and CV/resume as one (1) PDF to Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis. If you have not heard from us in due time, your application is unfortunately unsuccessful.