ESL Drama Teacher, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, Taiwan

  • 31st May 2019
  • Taipei
  • Full time
  • Paid (£15k-20k)
  • theatre, Other, education
  • Helen O'Grady Drama Academy


Teaching Drama in Taipei //

Our aims are to provide a self-development program through drama for children. We focus on building enthusiasm, confidence, and verbal communication through theater. Self-esteem is something that people of all ages battle with, and here we want children to understand that being different is good. We use song, dance, improvisation and various other theater mechanics to help children grow.

Training, lesson plans, curriculum and scripts are ALL provided each term. Work permit, ARC and National Health insurance are also provided.

Age groups: 3 to 12 years old

Full-time position, hourly rate: NTD800-1000

Class video:            ; ;



To apply, please send your cover letter and CV to