Artist - Reflection Project at Hounslow Libraries, Creative People & Places Hounslow


The Heston Library exhibition group would like to hear from artists who are interested in creating an installation for Heston Library based around the idea of ‘Reflection’. The group are interested in reflections of the community, its past, present and future, as well as self-reflection and any other interpretations the artist might bring.

The Heston Library exhibition group would like the installation to include a way that users of the library service and library visitors can interact with the artwork. The group is open to creative interpretations of the concept. Their initial ideas included references to the following themes:

  • Mindfulness and mental well-being
  • Providing a space for quiet reflection
  • Providing an opportunity for active participation
  • Contemplation of the past, the present and the future
  • Living faith
  • The environment

Proposals should also consider the following:

  • Local history including oral histories
  • Heston and its communities
  • Hounslow Borough and its communities

Please contact for the full artist brief