Designer Residency in Bali, Indonesia, The Arts Development Company


This open call is a part of Gerakan Kreabilitas (reads: guh-rah-kun ku-ray-ah-bee-lee-tas; Creability Movement in English, it is a combination of the word Creativity and Ability).

It is a collaboration project with Ketemu Project, a creative social enterprise based in Bali, Indonesia. Funded by the British Council Developing Inclusive Creative Economy (DICE) Fund. The fund is set up to tackle entrenched issues of unemployment and unequal economic growth in 6 countries. It supports the development of creative and social enterprises through partnerships between UK organisations and counterparts in Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Africa.

Our movement will raise awareness, stimulate discussion, effect a change in perceptions, and prove the value of people with disabilities in the economy, particularly in Indonesia.

More information on the project can be found here

Objective of the Residency

The immersive month-long residency encourages the designer to explore Indonesia’s marketplace for creative products, understand the cultural background and approaches of product design. To foster collaboration with the 5 Indonesian social creative enterprises to develop their products to suit the international market while considering the products’ accessibility and sustainability. This will include an online conversation prior to the visit to Indonesia. Ketemu Project will also hold a networking and/ or discussion event for artists, creatives and other social enterprises during the time for the resident designer to participate in.

The Residency

  • Designer fee and subsistence £1,250,-
  • Meals and transport in Indonesia  £135, (approximately 2.4 Million IDR)
  • Return flight to Indonesia at maximum £700,-
  • Materials for collaborative development will be provided
  • 28 days accommodation Indonesia will be provided
  • Accessibility cost (if required)

How to Apply


  • An explanation of why would you benefit from the opportunity – maximum 1000 words
  • A plan to document the process of the collaboration – maximum 300 words
  • CV include address and any social media handle – maximum 4 x A4 pages
  • A link to a website address and/or digital portfolio of designs and moodboard/pinterest

An application form and eligibility info can be found on our website