Volunteer Coordinator, Entelechy Arts


Entelechy Arts and the Albany are looking for an experienced Volunteer Coordinator to join their unique participant/artist-led project Meet Me. 

Since 2013, Entelechy Arts has partnered with the Albany, the arts centre in which we are resident in Deptford, to deliver the award-winning ‘Meet Me’ programme for isolated older residents of the borough. The apex of the programme is ‘Meet Me at the Albany’ an all-day arts and social club based in the Albany’s café, running 50 weeks per year, jointly led by project participants, led artists and local volunteers. ‘Meet Me at the Albany’ is the hub for a wider body of activities for isolated older people that happen in venues across Lewisham.

We use the arts as a catalyst for isolated older people to meet, share interests and life experience and develop new skills. This provides a means of reducing isolation, creating a sense of belonging, and giving people whose voices are rarely heard, a means of communication and expression.  Entelechy’s work centres on collaboration, putting the arts at the centre of a process to achieve more equal, connected and engaged communities.

Volunteering is vital to the success of all our projects. Volunteers have been an essential part of Entelechy’s 30+ year history and the role of volunteers continues to grow.