Live Performance Opportunity, Asking for it Exhibition


We are the ‘Asking for it’ exhibition. Our aim is to create a place for people to share and feel and come together over adversity. Through expression of art - in a variety of mediums such as film, photography, poetry, art and sound - the exhibition will take the viewer on a journey from the beginning to recovery and survival.  Titled ‘Asking for it’ the exhibition not only looks at the experiences of the survivor but the societal judgements and miseducation around the topic of sexual abuse/violence.

From the 23rd to the 26th of October we will be exhibiting the work in South London, Peckham.

On the 23rd 6pm-9pm we have a private viewing and we would like to ask any live performances to take place whether that be poetry, spoken word, music, monologues, live art, dance, ect in response to sexual assault/violence.

Please note that the live performances isn't an opportunity to talk about triggering events as we are not professionals or a service/organization. If you would like to talk and open a conversation about anything that has happened to you or people that you know please talk to your family, friends and GP, or if you feel uneasy about those options there are counselling methods.

As people who have had these experiences, we have both understood the difficulties of going through this and coming out the other side. We felt passionately that there should be a place that this topic could be openly discussed and expressed through art, from artists who have been through this journey or are still going through this. 

To be apart of the private view for Asking for it Exhibition please submit your chosen live performance piece and email your submission to

with the subject being: Live Performance Opportunity 

Because we are a small organization unfortunately there will be no payment involved however a great opportunity to meet other people at a private view and our ticket sales will be shared.