Artists wanted to create Interactive Film Night Leicester, Cinema Para-Discount


Cinema Para-Discount is a film night like no other, artists are given the chance to create an interactive screening that celebrates and enhances a film of their choice. Using a mixture of mass audience interaction, costumes and props, performance and lighting artists will create a unique cinematic experience. Basically think Secret Cinema on budget.

We are looking for an artist or company in the realm of performance, dance, theatre or immersive experiences to interactively enhance a film of their choice. For our sixth event on the 24th of November 2019 we are looking for film suggestions that fit the bill of Horror, whether that’s cult classics like  The Shining, or The Thing  or modern masterpieces like A Quiet Place or Hereditary, we want to see what artists can do with these terrifying pieces of cinema. 

The interactive/performance elements are completely up to you, feel free to use props, movement, voice, sound lighting, audience participation or multi sensory elements to blur the line between cinema and live performance.

Key information

  • Event will take place 24/11/19 so make sure you are available to be at Attenborough Arts from 1pm 

  • There will be £400 fee for the selected artist/company 

  • You can choose ANY full length feature film within the theme so don’t hold back

  • You don’t have to be active for the entire film as devising around two hours of synchronised material would be huge ask, just enhance the moments you feel would work with interactive or performative elements

  • This event works best with elements that aren’t competing with the film but are enhancing the experience, so try and avoid too much overlapping sound so as not to disrupt dialogue etc

  • We are looking for proposals of full length feature films

  • Deadline for proposals is midnight on the 10am 21/10/19

Please email for a full application pack