Curriculum & Pathway Lead, The Complete Works


We are looking for a Curriculum & Pathway Lead that is available to work on our Shoreditch site. 

 TCW is a charity led Independent School and offers education to young people of all ages and abilities who are unable to access mainstream education. The reasons for their enrolment at our school are varied including social, emotional, behavioural and medical needs. Under the banner of ‘Learning Creatively, Achieving Academically’ TCW recruit our staff from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom are committed to using their expertise to support the young people to build on the skills that they already possess.  Our teaching staff undergo a rigorous training programme so they can develop their teaching practice, in order to meet the varying and ever-changing needs of our TCW students. With these skills, we are able to offer tailored learning to meet the needs of all our students. This is achieved in small groups or individual one-to-one sessions, which may take place in libraries, student homes or one of our centres. All staff, whether teaching or administrative, must, therefore, be adaptable and resilient.

This role works with the team onsite to ensure the smooth running of the campus. It is also part of the curriculum and pathways team with special focus on creating individualised educational experiences for each of our students and supporting them in creating a future for themselves after they leave TCW. It is a teaching role and has an assigned a 1-to-1 student to oversee.

Please email for further information.