Research/ consultants, Untold Theatre


Untold Theatre creates dynamic small-scale productions which are 'original, imaginative and bold' (Broadway Baby). Our 'vivid, memorable, drama' (Remote Goat) tours to theatres, rural venues, and community spaces.

We are working on two new one-act plays. We're looking for thoughtful collaborators who can help tell these stories with accuracy and due care. We’d like to hear from: dramaturgs, research/consultants, directors or assistant directors.

Submissions are welcome from those of all genders, faiths, ethnicities, ages, abilities and sexual orientations. Fees will be negotiated with successful applicants, though we will be using ITC rates as a baseline.

When applying, tell us which play you would like to work on. Each play will require a different approach and different experiences.

Play One: Racial tensions in a divided town reach a climax when unsettling allegations are made. A single mother tries to keep her life together when her son is arrested, and friends turn against her.

Play Two: A mother and daughter arrive in a small English village from Hungary. They have been made to feel particularly unwelcome in both countries. Over dinner with an English neighbour, the daughter reflects upon her sexuality and how best to care for an ageing parent.

Both plays: The tone of voice is punchy, dark and cerebral. The plays consider fear, otherness, and hate. We believe these plays have relevance in an increasingly polarised world. It’s important we produce work which advocates for social cohesion.

To apply, send a short cover letter and CV. In the covering letter, identify which play you would like to work on and address the following questions:

  1. What is your understanding of the play’s themes, and why is this an important story to tell today?
  2. How does your experience equip you to help tell these stories in a way that is sensitive and authentic?
  3. How would you approach working on this project?

Email applications to by Tuesday 22nd October.