New Cultural Strategy Consultation, South Tyneside Council


South Tyneside Council wishes to commission consultancy support to undertake a consultation exercise which will inform the development of a new Cultural Strategy for the Borough.

South Tyneside Council recognises the important role Culture plays in enriching each and every one of our lives and has therefore continued to invest significantly in Cultural Infrastructure and Festivals and events despite being one of the Councils hardest hit by austerity measures. The Council is currently working to refresh its overall strategic vision for the Borough and the new Cultural Strategy will sit alongside this, setting out how Culture can help to deliverThe South Tyneside Vision. 

South Tyneside has a wealth of heritage assets, cultural venues, artists and amazing landscapes.  We want to ensure that every part of our cultural landscape is being used to its full potential and that those assets are helping to realise the ambition for South Tyneside to be An Outstanding Place to Live, Invest and Bring up Families. 

To be successful this new Cultural Strategy must belong to everyone. With all stakeholders committed to delivery. We believe this will best be achieved by undertaking a wide-ranging consultation programme, so that the strategy is developed with our communities and stakeholders and not for them. 

This commission will involve working with South Tyneside Council to develop the structure for the consultation programme, undertaking the consultation sessions, producing a report of findings and key recommendations which can then be used by the Council to develop the strategy.

We are looking for some fresh thinking which can help us develop an innovative strategy that all stakeholders will identify with.

The budget for the project is £15,000 ex VAT.

For further information and to request a full brief please email