Call for photo submissions, during all this

  • 31st May 2020
  • London
  • Part time (volunteer)
  • Unpaid
  • Other
  • Isabel Johns


 'during all this' is an intiave to document a personal experience during the ongoing pandemic, allowing you to be the curator. 

 If you had to sum up your experience during Covid-19 through an object, what would you pick to show the world? Would it be a notebook of distracted doodles taken during a Zoom call? A summary of the Netflix hours you consumed to pass the time? One particularly bad first-line of an email that ‘wished you well during this time’?

 The Task:

  • Send a picture of your own small ‘collection’ – whatever you can think of that tells a small part of your story during quarantine. 
  • Include a small description, two or three lines, with the image of your chosen object. Why did you choose this particular thing – what part of this experience does it represent to you?

Struggling to think of an object? Some examples… 

• Shopping list with what you deem your ‘essential’ items 
• A list of the recipes you’ve tried 
• Empty bubble-bath bottle from all the de-stressing baths 

 It doesn’t have to be a household item, it could be something you’ve created during this time… 

• A map, with the routes of your new walks or bike rides drawn in 
• A spreadsheet of all the money you’ve saved not going to bars and pubs 
• A playlist you made during this time
• Drawings, crafts, photos… 

 Please send any submissions to:

Submissions will be posted to @duringallthis on Instagram.