Commission call out for Somerset Theatre Makers / Writers, Wassail Theatre


SOMERSET EMERGENCY THEATRE - Alternative Endings Commission

Wassail and Richard Crowe are working together to offer this commission.  We are looking for six theatre makers to collaborate on a collective script in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in Somerset.  This is a script writing commission, but you don’t have to be an established writer to be part of it: you might be a deviser or create work in another way.

Starting with news from Wuhan of the first death from C19 in January 2020, each contributor will produce one ‘act’ of five short scenes (max 20 minutes running time), charting the impact of the virus on the culture and consciousness of Somerset.  A sixth scene (an epilogue if you like), set five years from the end of lockdown in an ‘imagined future’, will explore ways in which the virus might affect societal and political change in the UK.  What will ‘the new normal’ look like (max 5 minutes running time)?

You will be asked to address this through the eyes of an imagined ‘household’ of your choosing.  A ‘household’ being any group of people (four, maximum, to allow for some generational spread) who find themselves in lock down together (family members, students, friends, residents in care homes and so on).  Some will have direct experience of the virus, others almost no experience at all.

The final play will be developed through a series of weekly online script meetings (Zoom) facilitated by Richard Crowe, who will act as editor of the piece.

This commission is for professional theatre-makers based in Somerset, North Somerset or Bath & North East Somerset. You might be an independent theatre maker, or part of a company or collective at any stage of your professional career.

Deadline Monday 1st June

For full details of the commission and what you need to provide please CLICK HERE