UTOPIA Artist Commission Call Out, The Royal Standard


The Royal Standard is inviting six artists from the North West to create a micro-commission for a new digital project responding to the theme of UTOPIA. 

Each artist’s work will be displayed on a landing page on our new website for 3 week period between June and October. Once the project is over, all the artworks will live on a project page within our online archive. 

Although this project is digital, submissions from artists working in a range of mediums will be accepted and a background in digital art is not necessary. 

Commission fee: £300

For more details about the brief and how to apply, visit our website 

For all inquiries, email

Artist Brief 

Global living dynamics have drastically changed as a result of COVID-19. Does this crisis offer us an opportunity to radically reinvent how we live? Can we live slower and more intentionally, bringing local and global communities together, reducing our impact on the planet and having a positive effect on a mass scale?

Utopian thinking has long been harnessed as a tool by artists to contribute to our understanding of culture and to map out future possibilities. However, some argue failed Utopian projects of the past prove radical ideas for social change are impractical and irrational schemes. The Royal Standard invites six artists to respond to such ideas and questions through their projects, plotting out visions and hopes for the future by responding to real or imaginary sites and questioning the artist’s place in social transformation.