Artist Commission, Blue Sky Museum, Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum and Arts&Heritage


During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) period, Arts&Heritage is initiating a new project, inviting UK-based artists to create unusual and ambitious project responses for some of the Meeting Point museums that we have worked with since 2016. We see this as an opportunity for artists to engage in untethered idea development without the restrictions of practical delivery or limitation of a budget. The selected responses will appear on our website, alongside your artistic profile and the museum’s brief.

For Blue Sky Museums, we are issuing 6 artist briefs that have been written in collaboration with museums based in the North East, North West and Yorkshire since the inception of our Meeting Point programme.

Arts&Heritage will select 25 responses to appear on our website and to be shared on our newsletters and social media channels. We want to demonstrate that artists generate extraordinary ways to experience and look at the past and place a new lens on heritage narratives. Each artistic response we select to show online will receive £500.

This project supports the generation of new thinking and left field ideas, rooted in museums and their collections. Each partner museum taking part in Blue Sky Museums looks forward to seeing how artists respond to their place of work. It is important to note this project funds your ideas, Blue Sky Museums does not result in a physical commission at the site. We see this as a way of investing in artist’s creative thinking at a time when opportunities to visit and create on site are severely limited.

For more information and how to apply please follow the link: