Artist Commission Call Out, The Ballad of Peckham Rye



'Why Your Past Is Present In Our Future' is a new online micro-commissioning initiative intended to support five early-career artists through the uncertainty of the current moment. We want to encourage a diversity of media: audio, video, text, performance, social practice, website interventions, animation, social media takeovers and workshops. We are particularly keen to receive proposals from artists who are looking to develop their practice, so you do not need to have previously created digital or online work. The final project should be ready to launch online in September / October / November 2020.

Commission fee: £250

Deadline for proposals: 21 June 2020 at midnight

For more details about the brief and how to apply, please visit our website

For all enquiries, email 

Artist Brief

This new area of our programme is envisioned to be an opportunity for artists to begin to speculate on what the future might look like. Pandemics have played a role in shaping human history throughout the ages - crises and disasters have continually set the stage for radical change. Our lives remain in the process of being transformed. These changes - some predictable, others still hard to fathom - allow us a unique moment to pause and reflect. To what extent can we redefine the way we live our lives?