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NoLabel:Invisible State is an online art exhibition project which celebrates the creativity and imagination of dyslexic people. 

We are convinced that art is a great way to share thoughts, ideas and emotions, especially at the time of social distancing, so let's get connected!

We welcome participation from both professional and amateur artists, those who are just beginning their artistic journeys or simply want to give it a go!

The project aims at raising awareness about dyslexia and encouraging dyslexic people around the globe to display their talent. 

The project requires 2 types of participants:

  • Volunteers  with Visual or Auditory dyslexia to contribute to the development of visual and audio content respectively (No travelling is required. It is also anonymous for those who prefer it. The rest will be credited for their help).

  • Creatives with dyslexia who are willing to exhibit their own artworks or try making one


-No formal degree or background in arts is required 

-Artworks may be on any subject, however it MUST NOT contain nudity, violence or offensive content. 

-We accept works from all creative areas

-You can exhibit your existing art  

TO APPLY:                                                                 

Please email Victoria at answering the question:

Would you like to take part as a content contributor, artist or both?

PLEASE INCLUDE A LINK to your website, Instagram or any other social media account that displays your artworks. There's no need to email the images of your art at this point.

IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE any art activity before, but WOULD LIKE TO GIVE IT A GO, please state it in your email!

If you'd like to learn more about the project, please read the article kindly published by Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity