Senior Decorative artist /Studio Manager, Mathew Bray & Matthew Collins Ltd

  • 21st August 2020
  • South West, Wincanton
  • Full time
  • Paid (£30k-40k)
  • crafts, Other, decorative arts
  • Branca Bastos


The Studio Manager will be responsible for the Studio Budget, organise all studio works and run the studio productively, safely and profitably, organise all studio works and run the studio productively, safely and profitably.

You must be able to demonstrate an excellent understanding of Mathew Bray & Matthew Collins Ltd Site and Studio practices and be responsible for running works on site and organising junior decorators working under their supervision. This is a supervisory position and as such means that it bears the responsibility of monitoring and maintaining employees/contractors of a more junior position in your care.

You will be responsible for the standard of work produced by your team; The standard of care for the space in which you work from damage or accident; the standards of service to our Clients, and the standards of Safety where you will oversee the safety of your junior decorators and instruct them in safe working practices. You should be able to display advanced specialist decoration skills – utilising processes from varied decorative disciplines. You will have multiple capabilities in several specialist areas and demonstrate a broad foundation of skills incorporating Gilding, Glazing, Antique Finishes, basic Marbling and Faux Bois, Lacquer Finishes, Gesso Finishes, Distemper Finishes, Mirrored Glass and Verre Eglomyse.

Senior Decorative Artists can work independently to produce high quality finishes requiring little or no technical direction from Managers. Their work should be delivered snag free and before deadline. They should be capable of picking up basic management responsibilities when they find themselves being the most senior employee on site. 

You must hold a driving license and be a Nominated Driver for the company as a requirement of your employment. You will be a company fire marshall and a qualified first aider.