Administrative Assistant, art-K Ltd

  • 16th August 2020
  • London
  • Full time
  • Paid (£15k-20k)
  • Other, art education
  • Emily Harper


Art-K is an art education company, passionate about passing on artistic skills and techniques to children and adults. We are an adaptive and evolving company; we currently have 30 shops across England and we’re looking to grow to 100 within 5 years. The successful applicant will share our passion and motivation for growth.

This position can be taken as a whole or job-shared. Applicants can be on PAYE or contracted depending on preference. Flexible hours, working from home or the office whichever is preferable. However, this is not a short-term role; we expect the role to be required permanently, however it may evolve.

The position is broken down into the following sections:


  • Write social media posts & scheduling these across the network.
  • Write blog posts looking at artists through time. Generating new ideas for future series of posts.
  • Under guidance, creating newsletters to be sent out to customers.
  • Helping review/re-write content on the website, promotional material and job adverts, using research as guidance.

Ongoing support

  • List job adverts on suggested websites and filter out applicants who don’t meet requirements, set by management.
  • Organise reference images for the Art Teachers.
  • Support new initiatives from staff or management.
  • Provide remote training and support to the Art Teachers on the systems used.

Data analysis

  • Download, organise and present data requested by management.
  • Record growth of the clubs on a weekly basis, for management records.

Customer service

  • Corresponding with customers on changing class times or other requests.
  • Phoning up customers to reconnect and reengage.


  • English A level, grade A and above
  • Excel skills
  • High level computer skills
  • Customer service experience would be preferable
  • Bachelor degree, 2:1 or above

Values & skills

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Creative thinking & problem solving.
  • Knowledge or passion for art education.
  • Responsive and communication is key as we are working remotely.
  • Giving and supportive personality.

To apply please submit a CV and cover letter.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Permanent

Salary: £18,000.00 /year