Sessional Sound Designer wanted for Zoom drama performance, noh budget films/ 492 Korna Klub


Sessional Sound Designer wanted for Creative Zoom project

We are after a sessional sound designer to work with us on a weekly basis to provide music, voices and sounds that relate to the theme of the Windrush Generation.

We would like to work with someone who can convey or conjure up emotional soundscape material that supports the drama performance we are currently working on.

Whether you can provide sounds that are part of the world of the performance or the characters or to reinforce words, actions or just the texture of the production we would love to hear from you.

You will need your own equipment and be able to provide a range of sounds that could be part of the production.

Reporting to the Director, you’ll be joining a professional team of artists and production



- Must be available to work with us on zoom Wednesday mornings 11.00am - 1.30pm throughout August & September 2020

How to apply:

Email (Sessional Sound Designer in subject line)


1) Contact Details 

2) Profession/Work experience

3) Relevant experience or knowledge of the Windrush Generation

4) Reason why you like to work on the project

5) Describe how you would approach providing sound for the project

6) How your previous experience or working practice can compliment the project

If need be we can accept your application in a WhatsApp Video to 07956 877358