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Masters in Conversation: Robert Luzar - Artist Talk, University of Wolverhampton


Mon 21st June 7pm

A series of online talks with artists and arts professionals about their work and practices.

Each of our talks is conducted by a current MA student from the University of Wolverhampton and delves into important questions around art practices and the nature of creativity in the 21st Century.

In this online talk we are delighted to welcome artist, writer and educator Robert Luzar.

''Born in Slovenia, raised in Canada, and having lived in the UK for over a decade, my life has been shaped by experiences of change in identity, place, and ideology.

The works I present use unconventional drawings, painting, live-art, performance, video, telematic works, the Web, and projection technology.

I am interested in how works work ‘trace’ different conditions of change as an 'event'. The trace is not about so-called mark making. Instead, tracing means pointing out where, when, and how persons, subjects and things can come together, live, insist, pass away––and still persist.

For those inclined to know more about me at a personal level, out of solidarity, I can say a bit more ‘about me’: Immigration, two lost homes, displacement from family and community, a single-parent upbringing: these are some personal examples of the experiences – and conditions – that genealogically shape the practice as something lived.

With viewers I try to therefore trace ‘conditions’ that reflect elements and behaviours of the world as both economically abstract and socially concrete. The abstractions appear as points, lines, planes, and shadows; the concretions implicate the body as both subjective and of assembly, one and many, in space, through the present, felt with gravity, action, and decision.''

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