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Perinatal collaging for Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority people., Community of Cultures - Sheffield Maternity Cooperative.


Community of Cultures is excited to host the second of our welcome events! This event is an opportunity to get creative - making art whilst talking about your perinatal experiences and our communities. It is a chance to tell your story through collage.

This is a free workshop over Zoom!


About the artist:

Birungi Kawooya is an incredible collage artist creating afro-centric contemporary art inspired by the tropics and the beauty of Black people.

The workshop:

Create with collage artist Birungi Kawooya, who will help you to reveal your inner creative. “But I can't draw," you say! Self-taught artist, Birungi teaches absolute beginners to shake off nerves, focus the mind and create freely.

Pre-workshop task: Look and take pictures of shapes you like and could incorporate in your artwork.

You will need:

• a sheet of white paper

• three of identically sized sheets of coloured paper that are different colours/patterns e.g. magazine/newspaper/wrapping or wallpaper

• scissors

• glue/blu-tack/double-sided tape

• an open mind!

Joining from the comfort of your own home this workshop is an invitation to explore your experiences, thoughts and feelings relating to your perinatal journey. The SMC welcomes all parts of the perinatal experience, including those who have had abortions, those who have lost babies, new parents, pregnant people of all genders, those who have given birth, those who have undergone fertility treatment and all others for whom these may not apply.

Birungi will lead you through an exciting workshop where you'll have the opportunity to express yourself in the form of collage.

Inclusivity and Confidentiality

Inclusivity, safety, respect, confidentiality and consent are fundamental principles of the SMC and we ask all attendees to uphold them too.

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