Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What are the Arts Jobs and Arts News mailing lists for?

A. Arts Jobs details current vacancies and opportunities in the arts community. Arts News details arts events, news and press releases.

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Q. How do I subscribe?

A. Browse to ‘subscribe’ and follow the instructions to fill in the short form.

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Q. How can I control the number of emails I receive?

A. Log in using your email and password, then select edit preferences.  You can choose to receive a daily digest with all the messages for that day, or a weekly digest, with all the messages for that week.  You can also choose to receive an email each time a job or news event is posted.  Once you have changed your preferences, click ‘update preferences’.  Your user preferences will then be updated in 24 hours.

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Q. Can I view postings online instead of receiving emails?

A. Yes, you can view and search the postings on the mailing list website without having to be a subscriber.

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Q. How do I change my email address?

A. Log in to the website and visit the 'preferences' page.

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Q. I’ve forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

A. You can request a password reminder to be sent to your email account from the login page.

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Q. Why have I stopped receiving postings?

A. Your email system may be incorrectly rejecting messages as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’.  Check the following email addresses are in your ‘contacts’ or on your ‘safe list’: for ArtsJobs and ArtsNews.

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Q. How do I unsubscribe?

A. Click on the link at the bottom of any email you have received from the mailing list.  If you have any problems unsubscribing, file a support request.

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Q. Can I post messages advertising events or jobs outside the UK?

A. Yes.  Please be sure to specify the location clearly when posting.

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Q. Can I send duplicate postings or repeat similar messages?

A. No.  Duplicate or repeat postings will be deleted by the administrator.

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Q. Can I post an advert seeking work or employment?

A. No. We are unable to accept postings from individuals or companies seeking work or employment.  These messages will be deleted by the administrator.  We are not able to post messages advertising recruitment services.

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Q. How long does it take for my posting to be sent out?

A. Your message will be available for search on the website as soon as it has been approved. Notifications will be sent to subscribers depending on their preferences, but may take up to a week for those subscribed to weekly mailings.

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Q. How can I check my posting has been published to the list?

A. Use the search facility to look for your posting on the Arts Jobs website. If it is displayed, it will have been sent out to list subscribers.

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Q. Will I receive confirmation that my posting has been received or sent out?

A. When you post your message and click on ‘publish to list’, you will receive a message on screen telling you that the post has been successful.

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Q. Why has my posting been rejected?

A. If you have not filled in all the mandatory fields when posting your message, you will receive an error message on screen when you try to publish to the list.  Check the form again and fill in any missing information

Your message may be rejected if it does not comply with our terms and conditions.  We cannot post any messages that may offend other subscribers, eg content which is harmful, threatening, abusive, vulgar, obscene, harassing, defamatory, promotes a political view or is otherwise objectionable.

We do not post messages of items for sale or studio/office or other space to rent.  Free or funded space may be considered on an individual basis.

If your message is a repeat posting or it has been sent to the wrong list it may be rejected.  Arts Council England reserves the right to reject any posting it feels to be inappropriate without explanation.

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Q. How long are postings kept on the system?

A. Postings are kept on our system for 100 days before they are automatically deleted.

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Q. Who do I contact if I still have a query?

A. Please use our online help form to request assistance.

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Q. How can I edit my post?

Posts cannot be edited. You need to request the removal of the post using our help form and then resubmit your post.

Q. How can I remove my post?

By requesting the removal of the post using our online help form and ensuring you include a link to your post.