Vision Board Workshop - online 23rd Jan 2021 1.30-3.30pm, Ali Kakande, The Voices Of... / Anna B. Sexton, Open To Create...

  • North West, London
  • Other, coaching, mentoring, goal setting, professional development
  • Anna B Sexton


Set your goals in glue with a healthy dose of creativity, collaboration with like-minded humans going for authentic growth in 2021.

Date: Saturday 23rd January 2021

Times: 1.30pm - 3.30pm

How: Via Google Meet (link sent once you have booked)

Investment: Pay what you can model (suggested £15 (working) / (£5 unwaged/student).


What can you expect?

Time and space with Ali and Anna co-facilitating a series of gentle coaching style prompts to inspire you to visualise, write down and make a 'vision board' in the way that most suits you.

The session will use a cut, stick and paper-based version of vision boarding or collage, and you can do your own 'version' with mind mapping, free writing. Whatever suits you and how you like to work to get the most out of the time together.

Moving your dreams and ideas forward step by step is taken to a new level when working creatively in a safe space with other's leaning into support and accountability.

A goal shared allows for those in the community and wider networks to offer support, guidance and feedback.

What do you need to take part?

  • An open mind, heart and willingness to learn and share
  • Connection to wifi / internet to access Google Meet
  • Paper/cardboard to make your vision board
  • Notepad or device to capture any notes you want to
  • Pens / pencils / paints / stickers / post-its
  • Glue stick / sticky tape - anything to secure your vision board, if you use this format
  • Old magazines, newspapers, any format of printed materials that you feel resonate for you.
  • Space and time to fully interact with the session - a quiet corner, table, tray to lay out your board